Monday, June 22, 2009

Poignant Days

Sleeping at 2 in the morning with tonnes of stuffs in mind can be pretty disturbing, tormenting and annoying at the same time. Have you ever tried waking up every subsequent hour when you are lazing around in your dreamland? And the same thing always appears in your head throughout the sleeping hours? How about when you can actually feel that you are 70% awake all the time when you are trying pretty hard to take a nice, comfortable nap?

This process goes on and on.

Happy days are over.

Life's a roller coaster.


  1. 日子难过,别让心也难过
    yOyO hope u get it wei~
    i wont mind if u wants to borrow CHINESE dictionary from me :p
    cheer up =)

  2. Of course i understand!
    Don't underestimate my chinese ok?
    It's as good as a B4 student =p
    And please allow me to read your blog =]

  3. haha u cant blame me wei~
    cos is really CUTE when a B4 student asking words that he suppose to und! XD
    u sure u want to read my blog?
    very emo de lol~ keke O.o